About the session

🎭 Self Talk: Transforming Self-Criticism into Self–Compassion 🌟

🎤 Kelly Edwards - a qualified Transformative Coach specialising in mindset, confidence and wellbeing

📅 Date: Thursday 4th April
🕕 Time: 6:00 PM 
📍 Location: Online Event (zoom)

What we will cover:

Our inner dialogue and the conversations we have with ourselves play a key role in shaping how we feel about ourselves and influencing our actions, decisions, and behaviours. In this workshop we will explore the concept of self-talk and the impact it has on our mental health, our overall wellbeing, and our confidence. We will also delve into strategies and techniques to help us build a more positive and supportive inner voice.

🌟How negative self-talk impacts our mind and our body and the science behind it.

🌟How to spot negative patterns of thinking and catch them before they spiral.

🌟How to cultivate a more positive and compassionate inner dialogue with evidence-based techniques from the work of Kristen Neff.

🌟Action planning: Crafting an action plan to support you in your day to day.

Let’s turn down the volume of the inner critic that is making us feel miserable and pass the microphone over to the part of us that can help us thrive.

Who is Kelly Edwards?

Kelly is a qualified Transformative Coach specialising in mindset, confidence and wellbeing. She empowers individuals to strengthen self-connection, cultivate self-compassion and build self-belief. With practical strategies rooted in Positive Psychology, she also helps her clients to prioritise their wellbeing to reduce stress and overwhelm. Through personalised coaching and self-paced courses, Kelly draws from her teaching background and personal experiences with anxiety and burnout to guide individuals on their journey to self-discovery and harmony.

Who Should Attend?

This session is suitable for all, but especially those that experience negative self talk, low self esteem and imposter syndrome.

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